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Spectro | Jet-Care bring condition monitoring expertise to Nor-Shipping 2019 as a new exhibitor

4th June 2019

Spectro | Jet-Care, the leading independent laboratory company in the UK, Switzerland and the USA will be exhibiting for the first time at Nor-Shipping 2019 in Oslo next week. 

Joining the exhibition line up for the first time enables Spectro | Jet-Care to bring its 30 years marine condition monitoring experience (of 43 years in business) to the maritime audience at Nor-Shipping. 

“Our 30 years experience in this technically demanding market ensures that our customers not only receive the ultimate in 24/7 service also but reliable and useful information, (not just data) that can be acted upon to enhance, prevent, or advance a maintenance situation and often prevent a mechanical failure. Continuous investment ensures that our labs are at the pinnacle of technology and able to spot a ‘situation’ well before other laboratories” said Larry Rumbol, Marine Business Development Manager, Spectro | Jet-Care. “All of our staff understands that vessels operate in an isolated, harsh and vulnerable environment and apply themselves accordingly at the highest level of analysis, we pride ourselves in finding root causes and preventing failure and accelerated wear, that’s our job”. 

The Spectro | Jet-Care laboratory analysis service is a vital element in running vessels in today’s competitive market where unexpected downtime directly relates to the bottom line. Longstanding experience with propulsion unit OEMs, hydraulic equipment and other sophisticated on board systems allows staff to have a wealth of empirical data at hand. Close relationships with our customers as partners further enhances that knowledge. 

The Company’s three state-of-the-art laboratories, based in the UK, USA and Switzerland, offer a comprehensive range of services – Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, Fuel, Grease, Debris and Filter Analysis – all developed to identify operational issues and/or accelerated wear at the earliest possible stage. All three laboratories maintain the same exacting high standards and are supported by the industry recognised accreditation, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, the testing and calibration laboratory standard. 

Not all laboratories are the same, please come and talk to us at Booth #E01-28 to understand why...

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