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Q: How do I download iECHO GPA™?

iECHO GPA can be downloaded from the App Store.

Q: When setting up iECHO GPA™ do I need a username and password to enter operator/aircraft details?

No, initially you can manually enter all required details and start recording and sending data immediately. However you can use your webECHO username/password to download your details directly from webECHO into the app.  See the  iECHO GPA User Guide for detailed instructions.

Q: Do I still need to record and send Manual Data on the paper trend sheet if I am using iECHO GPA™?

No, you need only submit the trend data via iECHO GPA. However, if there is problem with the iPad® or it is unavailable then please revert to the paper trend sheets on these occasions or you can use the Jet-Care online Submit Data Facility.

Q: Will my iPad retain a copy of all the data that I record?

No, the data will be cleared when submitted. However a list of all data transmissions will be retained in the App. NB: All data received will be included in your next routine Jet-Care report.

Q: Can I receive an email confirmation that Jet-Care has received my data?

Yes, by selecting ‘Send confirmation on submission’ in the Settings area of iECHO GPA.

Q: Can I send my saved trend data at a later date from a Wi-Fi hotspot, for example?

Yes, the data is retained until you are ready to submit it to Jet-Care.

Q: Do I still need to download and send my DEEC/FADEC/MDC data to Jet-Care for trend monitoring?

Yes, you still need to download the DEEC/FADEC/MDC in accordance with OEM recommendations.

Q: Can I use iECHO GPA™ for any engine/aircraft type?

iECHO GPA can be used for all Gas Turbine engine types that Jet-Care trend monitor.

Q: Are there any costs involved?

Jet-Care does not charge for this app, however please check with your network provider about the cost of transmitting the data.

Q: How do I receive my reports?

Your routine reports will be e-mailed as normal to the nominated contacts that were provided when the aircraft was enrolled onto the Jet-Care system.

Q: Can I review my reports in the App?

Yes, you can use your webECHO username and password to view all current Gas Path Analysis reports as well as your Oil Analysis reports, if Jet-Care performs the analysis for you.