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The Jet-Care GPA Service

  • A first class service for $995 per aircraft per year
  • Processing and evaluation of your engine data within 24 hours of receipt, with the flexibility to fast track upon request
  • Simple and accurate routine reports giving you a detailed chronological record of the engine's trend status
  • Prompt alerts identifying significant changes to trends, including interpretation based on our current knowledge of your aircraft and from comparable fleets in the system
  • Process electronic data from most avionics solutions including Garmin, Shadin and Electronics International
  • webECHO - our online resource available 24/7/365 enabling you to manage your equipment and fleet data and access your latest trends and reports in a single, integrated portal.  Click here to find out more.


  • Early detection of problems that can led to expensive and unscheduled down-time, repairs and ground running
  • Identification of hot section damage to enable early investigation and subsequent planning of repairs
  • Prevention of aircraft being stranded on hot days due to restricted take-off power because of limiting ITT (inter-turbine temperature)
  • Identification of problems with main engine instrumentation followed by minimization of rectification times
  • Identification of aircraft bleed system air loss or bleed value issues
  • Utilization of centralized fleet database for trend analysis
  • Retention of asset value; trend monitoring data and records are an important aid when selling an aircraft.


  • Our bespoke engine trend programs, specifically modelled for each engine type, are renowned for their sensitivity and have a proven capability in identifying abnormal engine trends and deterioration.
  • We have over 40 years of specialist knowledge and experience with engine trend monitoring by Gas Path Analysis (GPA)
  • Our GPA service identifies core engine degradation and by comparing trend data against our engine models we can find the point at which long term wear begins to significantly decrease engine efficiency
  • The early detection of problems allows you to schedule maintenance programs, minimise flight disruption, reduce operational costs of fuel wastage and reduce engine damage
  • Unlike some automated services our team of program managers are available 24/7/365 to aid interpretation and diagnosis, and provide guidance to your maintenance team
  • As the only independent engine trend monitoring company (1) with Lloyds Register Quality Assurance accreditation for AS9100 and ISO9001 Quality Management System standards, we bring a credible and proven alternative to OEM programs
  • Our services are used by single aircraft owners, fleet operators and airlines as well as regulatory aviation authorities, royalty and government agencies around the world.
  • Shadin electronic data provides the data to use in a Start, Take-off and Landing report and is available to view on webECHO.


(1) Information correct as at 23 September 2022 according to OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System), the system owned and maintained by International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG).


The effectiveness of any engine trending program is dependent on the amount of data recorded, the timeliness of data submission and its analysis.  To find out more click the button below to download our guide to Supplying Engine Performance Data.

Our app for iPad, iECHO GPA™ allows pilots to enter data electronically rather than record it manually on paper trend sheets.   Click the button below to take a look at iECHO GPA.



Jet-Care also provide a range of comprehensive laboratory analysis services to the aviation industry via our three laboratories, based in the USA, UK and Switzerland.  

Engine oil, oil filter debris and chip detector debris are analysed to provide early warning of abnormal issues to reduce repair cost as well as avoid potential in-flight shutdowns.  When your filter is due for a change why not send it to us for analysis?  

The regular testing of hydraulic fluids provides early detection of abnormal wear in system components, potential contamination and water content, helping keep critical control systems in optimum condition.

Fuel can accumulate water which can harbour potential microbiological growth causing damage to the aircraft fuel components requiring expensive repair and clean-up.  Early detection allows for proactive treatment of the fuel to kill the bacterial growth.

Click here to find out more about our range of sample kits to assist with your fluid and debris sampling or contact our Sales team to find out more.

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